• Hey! I'm Meesh

    I started my quilting journey as I was expecting my first daughter. As a child, I learned to quilt from my mother - who learned from her mother. What started out as a fun new hobby, turned into a full blown passion to share this artform with the world. For the past 5 years, I have spent time learning, growing, making mistakes, honing my craft, and finding my artistic style and voice.

    Now with 3 precious children and a dream quilting shop and studio, I am so blessed to pursue my quilting dreams!

    You can find my quilting lessons, patterns, and small batch custom quilts at Meesh Quilts!

    Meesh Quilts 
  • And I'm Lins!

    I’m a recovering workaholic with two sweet baby girls. I began quilting to stay sane during the scrapshow that was 2020, and quilting quickly became my source of inspiration and joy.

    My mission is to help you make quilts for the hallowed halls of life - the ones we picnic on, the ones our kiddos grab to snuggle up with on a rainy day, the ones that warm our toes and bring us closer together.

    A little fabric and thread - and we can create MAGIC!

    Outside of the shop, you can find me quilting at my longarm machine! Visit Longarm Lins to explore how I can help you whip those WIPS into finished quilts!

    Longarm Lins 

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